Survival Backpacks

Survival Backpacks: How to Choose and What to Include

Survival Backpacks are nothing new to seasoned survivalists; however, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of products like 72 hour survival backpacks and other pre-packed survival backpacks. If you have already read our article on putting together a get home bag, then you may be wondering how these survival backpacks differ.

The answer: it’s up to you and how you choose to use it, as well as what you choose to include. Survival backpacks can range from a normal backpack to  full-fledged, army-style, tactical backpacks weighing upwards of 50 pounds (or more). It is important to consider several factors when choosing a survival backpack, including:

Survival Backpacks

Survival backpacks can be a great addition to your survival gear and supplies. They can be used for get home bags, bug out bags, or just in prepping for SHTF situations.

  • How do you plan to use the survival bag?
  • What do you intend to carry in the bag?
  • Will the backpack serve with multiple uses? For example, will you use the backpack for camping, hiking, etc. or will it be for grab and go situations, such as SHTF?
  • Is weight a factor? What about multiple storage pockets?

These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing a survival backpack. Of course, these considerations will change according to each individual’s needs, and it is always important to keep your equipment versatile and available to use in many different ways.

Build Your Own 72 Hour Survival Backpacks

If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily want to rely on someone else to choose the contents of your bug out bags, get home bags, or survival kits. While there is argument that you can possibly save money by buying a pre-built survival kit, the satisfaction you get from knowing that your custom-built survival pack has everything you need is well worth any extra cost.

When building a 72 hour survival backpack, there are few items that should almost always be included. These include:

Survival Backpacks

Survival backpacks can range from normal backpacks, to full-on military style backpacks.

  1. Flashlight
  2. Multi-tool and/or a survival knife
  3. Survival blanket
  4. Water purification
  5. MREs
  6. Lighter, flint and steel, or some other form of fire starter
  7. First aid supplies
  8. Paracord
  9. Small fishing/trapping kit
  10. Signal mirror

Keep in mind that this is by no means a definitive list, rather a starting point for those looking to build their own 72 hour survival backpacks. There are many other supplies and survival gear that you may want to include, and depending on the size of the backpack, you should pack accordingly. Also, the gear packed for someone living in cold, wet terrain will differ from someone living in the dry heat of the desert. Knowing your surroundings is a vital part of homesteading and prepping, and it is standard practice to prepare based on necessity.

The Final Word on Survival Backpacks

If you decide that preparing a survival backpack is right for you, then do a little research, and make sure that you choose high-quality materials and gear. Not doing so is a good way to ensure a gear/supply malfunction in the field, and that can be one of the most frustrating (and deadly) situations you will face. Remember, research is vital and knowledge is power; never stop learning.

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