The Difference Between Survivalists and Preppers


Are You a Survivalist, a Prepper or Just Another Victim?

The difference between the survivalist and the prepper isn’t a hard and fast one like some might think, but rather a gradual continuum of the latter. That being said, there is a significant difference in the idea behind these two so-called extremes. This article is going to try and shed some light on the topic of what is the difference between a survivalist and a prepper.

Difference between a Prepper and a Survivalist:

Survivalists vs. Preppers

What is the difference between survivalists and preppers?

To some extent, these two words can be used to describe the same person. To keep it simple, preppers are those who try their best to live the same way before, during and after a natural disaster strikes. Preppers plan in advance, by ascertaining how they can keep in touch with a community at large after a natural calamity. They are also first to point out the supplies they and their family would need to get through the possibly tough times ahead, after a natural disaster such as a solar storm, earthquake or hurricane.

In a sense, preppers look to minimize distributions. They normally look for ways in which they could still survive in a homestead way (in other words, the place you are living in right now).

A survivalist likes to be prepared too, the only difference is that they take it to another level and prefer to go all-out Rambo, in a self-sufficient sort of way. Survivalists take on a more military approach to making it out of a disaster situation, which may involve, but not limit to using guns, using camo, living self-sufficiently in the woods (which requires hunting and tracking skills) and a bunker somewhere in case they have to bug-out.

Who’s Better? The Prepper or the Survivalist

To be fair, both have their merits. You can’t really figure out which one of these two are better. The answer ultimately boils down to one thing. In times of a natural disaster, the one who makes it out alive wins!

Are Preppers the New Survivalists?

Survivalist vs. Preppers


While hardcore survivalists might think of preppers as being too soft, like the survivalists before them, preppers are regular people who live in homes and have families, and just like their predecessors, prepare for the worst.

The bottom line is, in times of a natural disaster or in situations in which your chances for survival look bleak, it’s all about being able to survive for a “longer-term,”; this is where, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a prepper, who likes to stay prepared for the worst, or a survivalist who adopts it like a lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter if you take a page out of the other note book, as long as you can make it out alive.

Nowadays, it has become a trend that the latest survivor; you know, the one who made it out of a traumatic, life changing experience becomes the ‘survival expert,’ makes an appearances on TV and maybe even gets a book deal. That’s all good; but did someone ever stop and consider that the person in question might just have gotten lucky, so the survival tips which they pour out (even if they are good-willed) won’t quite cut it if you were stuck in a similar situation. What you should take away from this is choose your books and role-models carefully and don’t let antiquated information get you killed out in the woods.

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